You may have noticed a particularly interesting vehicle roaming around Prince George this week…

Or maybe you noticed the driver of said vehicle asking to take your portrait.

Tim Van Horn is the director of the Canadian Mosaic Project, and he’s travelled for 10 years coast to coast across the country to capture 100,000 images of Canadians in the largest mosaic of its kind in Canadian history.

Watch below as Van Horn spoke with from his fully customized RV, which is covered in thousands of photos, on the corner of Quebec and 3rd:


“All of us have a story that’s unique to each other, and so my role, my mission, is to go and stand on street corners across Canada and befriend us and bring us together into something that represents who we are as a collective, as a country, as a people.”

So far in his travels, he’s met and collected photos of 78,000 people, all funded completely by donations that he said he’s never had to ask for as people give on their own accord.

Van Horn, who travels with his dog Scout, has an inspiring outlook on how to live your dreams.

“I think that all of us need to see that we live in the most amazing country for opportunities to come to fruition, we are living in a privileged country,” he said.

“I’d encourage people to, whatever it is, do it. Just keep working towards it and eventually, if your heart is in it and your passion is fueling it, it’ll happen. But it’s going to take all of you to do it. You can’t just put 50% into it, you have to do this 100%.”

He’ll be making his way home to Red Deer, Alberta to re-wrap the vehicle in more pictures before heading to the east coast for three years. Once he’s hit his mark of 100,000 photos, he plans to design a mobile art piece in the form of a bus covered in the mosaic.