The College of New Caledonia will benefit from more industry-standard equipment.

New trades equipment will be a rewarding asset to students at CNC as the school has received $160,000 to buy up-to-date equipment for its trades and technology programs.

CNC was one of 19 schools throughout the province to receive such funding with Government funding for this year totaling $3 million.

“This investment in new equipment helps the College of New Caledonia offer high-quality programming and focus on the success of our trades students,” said CNC President Henry Reiser. “Our highly skilled graduates will have up-to-date experience to meet the needs of local industry and employers.”

According to the provincial government, trades and technology workers are in high demand. Over the course of the next ten years, the 2018 B.C. Labour Market Outlook projects about 82,300 tech-related job openings and about 71,000 trades openings in the province.

Jobs that are currently high in demand for trade include millwrights, heavy-duty mechanics, and carpenters while the tech industry is facing a demand for civil engineering, computer and software engineering, programming, web development, and technicians.