The Highway 16 and 97 intersection in Prince George now has improved technology.

According to the Ministry of Transportation, a new webcam has been set up by Drive BC.

In an interview with, Danielle Pope who is a spokesperson for the ministry answered a few questions on the set up of the new camera.

Was this an intersection in need of more views due to traffic?

“Planning for the new webcam at the intersection of Highway 97 and 16 was done in late 2018 in consultation with the region and district. This area was deemed a high priority as it is a busy interchange, with a great deal of activity. Drivers will be able to use the new viewpoints from this camera to make decisions when planning for travel.”

Is there a chance we could see more cameras like this coming to the area?

“While there no immediate plans for new camera locations around Prince George, the ministry always welcomes feedback and requests from the public for new webcam locations around the province,” said Pope.

She adds the new camera has no shortage of features.

“Most new cameras are pan-tilt-zoom models, that allow operators to see all four directions at an intersection or at least two views up and down the highway. The ministry chooses the locations around the province based on weather and road conditions, or high-volume traffic areas. Public feedback is also considered in the choice of locations.”