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‘Tis The Season To Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

‘Tis the Season to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Have A Holly, Jolly, Enviro-Friendly Holiday

The holidays are right around the corner. Before you blink, they will be upon us and with the holidays come the gathering of friends and family. But never fear, there will be no coal in your stocking this year, for the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George is here to save you and your wasteful ways! You’ve already picked out thoughtful gifts, let’s focus on party planning, and decorations for this festive season.

Party Planning

1) Food Prep

When thinking about grocery shopping only buy what you need and look for items with less packaging. Try to buy local from farmers markets and bring your own reusable bags to reduce the use of plastic bags. Plan ahead when having people over for dinner. Whether you want lots of leftovers or none at all, check out for tips on appropriate portions.

2) B-Y-O-Take Home Container

Ask your guests to bring reusable containers so you can send leftovers home with them.

3) Mark Your Bins

With guests coming over there is bound to be some garbage, recycling, and compost created. Setting aside clearly labeled bins is a great way for guests to know where their waste and recycling goes.

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4) Reusable > Disposable

While serving the home cooked meals, use reusable dishes instead of disposable ones. Cloth napkins are a great alternative to paper ones and can be tossed into the washing machine at the end of the night. The same goes for paper table covers, use a fabric tablecloth and save yourself the hassle of cleaning up the mess from dinner in a sustainable way.

5) e-R.S.V.P

When sending invitations opt for the least amount of waste possible. Instead of sending out paper cards, send e-cards or emails. If you’re really feeling the urge to go the old-fashioned route, make sure to use cards with recycled content.


1) Skip Buying New

Choose to reuse or repair your old ornaments or make them yourself with friends and family.

If you are tired of your old decorations try swapping with a friend to spice up your décor or wander second-hand stores for hidden treasures from past holidays.

2) Go Au Natural

You can also try for a more natural style instead of the store bought by using large pinecones and dried leaves. Large pinecones make for great dinner table and side accents, while flattened and dried leaves look wonderful on the wall with a few Christmas lights.

3) G.Y.O.T. (Grow Your Own Tree)

Many people love the smell of a fresh tree during the holidays. Instead of cutting down a live tree, get a potted tree and then plant it in the spring.

4) They’re Not Done Yet

Is that old plastic tree on its last root? Wrap it in tinsel and stand it up with an old broom or mop. And make sure to donate or recycle old ornaments and lights where possible.

Sort It Out This Holiday Season

The holidays are a very busy time but it doesn’t have to be a messy wasteful time. You can make this season a “greener” Christmas with some smart choices. For more tips be sure to check out this holiday season.


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