Some Prince George residents are reporting an issue with the sealcoating applied to Chief Lake Road in the City.

(Photo by Mike Weinhardt)

“There are vehicles all over the road complaining – there is tar all over their cars,” said Prince George local Mike Weinhardt.

“I’ve been doing about 20 kilometres an hour. It doesn’t look really bad, but you can feel stuff hitting the bottom of your car,” he continued.

Sealcoating is a common type of road resurfacing done to protect the road base from additional wear and tear.

After the coating is applied it is allowed to cure for up to two days, and hot, dry weather can help ease the process.

Reduced speeds are recommended as the road cures.

Weinhardt’s statement supports similar complaints issued on social media, with some users claiming “100+” vehicles were affected.

Two days ago, YRB reminded the public of the 50Km/hr speed limit on Chief Lake Road.