The Caledonia Nordic Ski Club has been hit by warmer temperatures and some rain that started early this morning (Tuesday).

As a result of the weather, the club is now advising against skiing today, as the conditions of the trails have been heavily impacted.

“The combination of the rain and cooler temperatures overnight are creating icy conditions right now,” explained Angela LeFebvre, General Manager of Caledonia Nordic Ski Club.

The Trail Report says that conditions are likely to change from wet and mushy to icy throughout the whole day.

“However if there’s an opportunity for our grooming staff to get out during one of these cold sections we may be able to mitigate those risks a little bit better,” she noted.

LeFebvre added that even with these current conditions, skiing at the centre has been great so far this season and they’ve had a high volume of users.

The club has nearly 2,800 members this year compared to last year’s 1,750.

“We fully anticipate that we’re going to see cooler temperatures and snow returning and we’ll be optimizing these times to try and create as late of a skiing season as last year,” LeFebvre added.

The facility has 55km of groomed trails, night skiing, dog-friendly trails and snowshoe trails that managed to stay open until May last year.