Learn How to Dispose of Construction Waste in the Most Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly Way

Demolition, Land Clearing, and Construction (DLC) Diversion Program

Starting July 1st, 2021, Phase 2 of the DLC Diversion Program goes live. Phase 1 was all about education on source separation, Phase 2 implements differential tipping fees which include an increase by 50% on all mixed loads of DLC waste, source separated asphalt, concrete, and masonry and rubble. Asphalt shingles, clean soil and drywall tipping fees remain the same. Source separated clean wood waste, large loads of scrap metal, stumps and large branches, and painted and treated wood will all have their tipping fees reduced by 50%.

Source Separation

These changes in tipping fees are to promote source separation. What does the Regional District mean when we say source separated? Well that means the waste must not contain any sort of contamination or other waste types. For example, source separated clean wood waste means there are not boards that have paint or have treated with adhesives or stains. There is also no other garbage like bags or coffee cups etc., from the construction site. A good example would be a load of clean pallets or a load of lumber scraps. Once the material is source separated, it can then be taken to local recyclers who charge less than we do at the Foothills Boulevard Regional Landfill. The following businesses accept source separated material for recycling. For more information on their tipping fees, hours of operations and detailed list of accepted materials, please contact them directly.

ABC Recycling Allen’s Scrap & Salvage LTD. Canada Recycles Corp. Lafarge Canada Richmond Steel Rolling Mix Concrete Ltd.

Helpful Tips

On the Regional District waste diversion website www.SortSmart.ca, there are a number of downloadable resources that will help you source separate. One of the best tools available is the Demolition, Land Clearing and Construction Waste Toolkit. This toolkit has information regarding deconstruction, source separation, locations to take recycled DLC waste and example forms so that deconstruction and demolition separation can flow smoothly from the start of the demolition project.

For more information, visit www.SortSmart.ca or call the Regional District waste diversion number at 250-960-4433 and one of the waste diversion team members will be happy to assist you.




Website: www.sortsmart.ca/commercial/dlc-overview
Website: www.rdffg.bc.ca