Testing of illegal cannabis in BC has revealed some contaminants that would not meet legal cannabis market standards.

The BC Cannabis Secretariat sent 20 samples to a federally licensed testing lab and found 24 distinct pesticides, and unacceptable levels of bacteria, fungi, lead, and arsenic.

Legal cannabis is strictly regulated and helps to promote business in local communities.

“So, what’s great for us actually is we’re a locally owned and operated shop. So obviously some of it (revenue) will go back to Prince George because we do banking with some of the local banks in town,” said Kristi Young with Zaga’s Hemp Shop.

Young says products like gummies and vapes are all tested and regulated as well.

“My message to people who choose to consume cannabis is simple: buy from legal sellers whose regulated product is subject to national requirements that are in place to protect you,” said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

“In addition to the potential health risks, if you buy illegal cannabis, you could also be supporting organized criminal operations that pose a danger to our communities.”