Climb for Cancer 2021 (Photo by Brody Langager, MyPGNow)

Climb for Cancer kicked off today with participants climbing the cutbanks in Prince George, and getting some much-needed cool weather.

People from all walks of life arrived under a single banner at Northern Lights Winery to help raise money for cancer patients and get a good workout in the process.

Doug Bell, the Chair for Climb for Cancer said they’ve raised $207,000 so far, and they’re hoping to meet their goal of $250,000 for their sixth year.

“I think there’s a couple of things this event signifies. Number one, it’s that we recognize that people undergoing cancer treatment need our help, and are going through things we can’t necessarily understand,” said Bell.

“Many many people have been affected by this, so this is a very small thing we can do to show a little bit of pain going up the cutbanks isn’t anything compared to what they’re going through, and that we are with them.”

Vehicles honked as they drove by and people cheered as teams worked their way up the steep hill.

Climb for Cancer 2021 (Photo by Brody Langager, MyPGNow)

“I think this is something that is really important for people to try to do eventually at least once. But if you’re not into climbing, that’s ok. There are lots of other ways to support, including volunteering, or just being here to support and cheer on other people climbing up the hill. We’d love to see everybody out one day.”