Supertrak BMX is asking the city for help upgrading their dirt track.

In a presentation to council Monday night, the club requested funding for the installation of lighting at the BMX course across the street from Masich Place Stadium.

Council chambers were packed with residents showing their support for the project.

“It’s amazing the kind of community support the BMX association has in Prince George” said club spokesperson Darcy Shiels. “For instance, I mentioned the Race for Life in my presentation and were number one in all of British Columbia.”

The Race for Life is an event that is held in city’s across the province to raise money for cancer research in support of BC Children’s Hospital.

At the moment the dirt track depends on daylight to dictate how late the course can be used, with the lack of light creating safety concerns once the sun goes down.

“As you’re sitting there and you’re watching your kids race in the dark, you look around and see all the baseball diamonds flooded with lights and here we are sitting in the dark” said Shiels.

According to Shiels, cost estimates for the project range from $5000 all the way up to $295,000. He says hopefully they will be able to find a middle ground with help from the city.

Councillor Jillian Merrick compared the request to recent heating upgrades at the Gymnastics Club’s building that were approved by the city. Since the dirt track also sits on city property, Merrick said it made sense for council to help fund the project.

Council has forwarded the request to city staff to investigate.