The City of Prince George is looking for volunteers to test a new cost saving measure.

Council is looking for 100 residents to join the voluntary water metering program to see whether paying per use is more cost effective than the flat rate.

“We’re hoping to have some kind of results within a year, so that we see what kind of water consumption they have over the summer, the fall and the winter months” said Hall. “One thing it may well do with meters is reduce consumption.”

If the pilot project is successful, water metering could be made available to residents across the city.

“Thinking down the road a year, we may then take a look at residents in the community and say ‘look if you’re interested in going with a metered water consumption, we’ll have a program for you'” said Hall.

A similar pilot project conducted in 2005 found on average residents paid 30% less for their water after installing the meters.