Day one of the 5th annual Community Christmas wrapped up Wednesday.

On day one, residents donated just under five-thousand dollars in cash and six-hundred dollars in gift cards, not to mention piles of non-perishable food, toys and clothing.

All of it is going towards the St. Vincent DePaul Society’s Christmas Hamper Program.

“It’s very touching to see the variety of gifts that have come in” said Bernie Goold with the society. “From kindergarten kids all the way up to seniors. It’s just been a really uplifting day.”

According to Goold, the charity drive is spreading holiday cheer to everyone involved.

“We get to see the joy of the people bringing stuff in, and we also see the happiness and joy of the people that receive it” said Goold.

Community Christmas continues Thursday. Residents can drop off donations at the radio station on Ospika and Ferry from 6AM until 6PM.