The City of Prince George will be launching a newly designed website that’s been in the works for the last 18 months, hoping to create better access for public needs and interests.

Set to launch Tuesday morning, the City has made the site more compatible with most electronic and mobile devices.

Director of External Relations Rob van Adrichem says the navigation has changed, but the process is expected to be simpler.

“City Hall, Things To do, Business and Development, and City Services are very kind of normal menus that you would see on a lot of Municipal websites. We spent some time with our consultant really exploring how we can really enable people to get the stuff quickly.”

The City conducted focus groups, surveys, and interviews involving 200 people to come up with a firm solution, going under its $225,000 budget at the same time.

Van Adrichem explains the two common features local residents wanted on the site.

“The comment that we heard most frequently about what people liked about the site was the whole Council package with the agendas, ability to view the videos, and all that kind of stuff, so we retained a lot of that. The other one was PG map that was also a very popular site.”

The new way to navigate the website creates a dynamic suitable for those who may not be technologically advanced.

Van Adrichem says the front page itself will include local interests.

“Spring clean-up, the playground plan, which is going to Council on Monday night, and then we had that Wild of a Wildlife photo contest. That’s very new and again, really reflective of what we heard from people through the consultation.”

Access to news releases and City social media accounts will be present as well.

Council will provide more information to the general public at Monday night’s council meeting.