The Carrier Sekani Tribal Council is calling for urgent action to conserve and sustain the Fraser River Salmon.

Over the past few decades, poor salmon results have been witnessed almost on a yearly basis into the interior of the province.

The situation has been poorly handled for far too long. “One of the issues here is the management of the fisheries. What is going on here is that we have definitely seen a decline and there is still mismanagement in terms of trying to get those numbers back up and increase in terms of size,” says Terry Teegee, tribal chief.”

He adds discussions on the amount of commercial fishing on some of these stocks needs to take place. “Including our own fishing in terms of food, social, and ceremonial access to fish and what needs to happen is perhaps a moratorium on some of these runs to give it a chance to get the numbers back up.”

The issue of climate change hasn’t helped either Teegee says. “It’s definitely had a detrimental effect on the population size of the salmon species whether it’s in the ocean or in the rivers, higher temperatures mean that there’s going to be a definite effect on the fish stock.”

As a result of impacts to human activities, the Chinook salmon run has also been poor for a number of years.