The Hospice House of Prince George received over $100,000 in some much needed upgrades to its building.

The Northern Regional Construction Association reached out to 180 members of the local community on chipping in to help repair the fence around the perimeter , the facade of the building, and provide an upgrade to the kitchen.

Executive Director of the Hospice, Donna Flood says generous donations like this help the society in a big way.

“Having any sort of renovation or upgrade is outside what we are able to afford. We fund raise in order to sustain operations so we can do the service that we do. So when it comes to even the aesthetics, it was just outside of what we can do.”

The Hospice House Kitchen with it’s new look with the help of the NRCA | Jeff Slack, MyPGNow

Much of the electrical work in the kitchen wasn’t up to code and the building needed a facelift said Scott Bone, CEO of Northern Regional Construction Association.

“I think there was two things. One was when you look at the facades aesthetics for one, and two is when you look at the facility there was a need to improve some of the flow of things happening in the facility so we found out through the design there was a need to do that.”

Bone added he reached out to their members and within a day they had a number of people who wanted to get involved.

The project ended up consisting of 22 different suppliers of sub-trades who put in time to help.

With the renovations and the money raised from the Hospice Home Lottery, the society will now be looking into reaching out to those who are unable to make it to the care home by providing at home services.