Over 800 people participated in the 2018 Relay for Life in Prince George.

For the first time in its history, it was hosted at Exhibition Park and $365,000 was raised over the weekend.

The venue change created a more inclusive experience according to Relay for Life Organizer, Aimee Cassie.

“This year posed a lot of changes and challenges moving venues and I think the overwhelming response was getting right now is that participants are feeling a lot more connected, everyone had a front row seat and all in all, it was a really great start to the next 25 years for Relay for Life.”

The Canadian Cancer Society in Prince George is already making adjustments for next year.

“We have some ideas already for next year on the track in terms of what we will do differently as we have already had feedback from participants, this really is the community’s event as they are the heart and soul of the relay.”

Cassie was also quite shocked at how efficient the layout was to set up and teardown, especially when you consider this was the first year at a new venue.

“It was very smooth from a logistical sense, the setup and takedown were quite a bit more seamless than previous years and we have incredible city businesses on board and help us out.”

The local branch set a fundraising goal of $550,000.

Donations are still being accepted until the end of August.