This week began as a traditional winter in Prince George but will end feeling more like spring as we head into the weekend.

A mere few days have passed where he saw -25 to begin the morning commute and now daily highs will range between plus four and plus six.

To further put the balmy weather into perspective, Environment Canada Meteorologist, Lisa Ervin states we have gone from colder-than-normal to above-normal in a snap.

“Typically, for this time of year, the Prince George area sees daytime highs that average around minus six and nighttime lows of around minus fourteen. With the temperatures well into the positive forecast, we’re well above seasonal by about ten or eleven degrees above normal.”

Ervin further explains how common these warm systems are during winter.

“This is the kind of system where we are seeing this deep southerly flow is certainly possible really anytime in the winter, we have a trough sitting down offshore with a ridge building over BC and when these two elements come together they really direct that southerly flow bringing that warm air mass to the province.”

As for how like this northerly-chinook is going to last, Ervin believes it should stick around for a few days.

“These above normal temperatures are looking like they will last until at least early next week and then as of right now, the models are hinting at the return of arctic air mid to late next week.”

The city will be unclogging some drains during the rapid melt to help avoid traffic issues and localized flooding.