BC is offering some tax relief to commercial greenhouse growers across the province.

The tax is not available to cannabis growers; however growers of C. vegetables, ornamental flowers and plants, forest seedlings and nursery plants are eligible to apply for the grant.

Art Knapp Plantland Home & Garden owner, Jos Van Hage said if the government wants more things grown locally, more relief like this helps.

“When I see now what we pay for carbon tax compared to the cost of the gas, it’s way higher, and there are so many added tax to this like transportation fee that the gas price itself its the smallest thing on the bill.”

He added the cost of heating a greenhouse is so much more than an actual house.

“It comes to the point where we don’t know what to do, but you can only insulate a greenhouse so far because you need the light to grow plants.”

To be eligible, commercial growers need to meet a few specifications.

* Had sales exceeding $20,000 in 2018;

* Used natural gas or propane to heat their greenhouses or produce CO2; and

* Had a production area larger than 455 square metres.

The Ministry of Agriculture said a decision should be made by June.

Anyone wanting to apply can find all the information they need on the British Columbia website.