As we put the finishing touches on the winter season in Prince George, spring is off to a hot start with double-digit temperatures over the past week.

Environment Canada broke down the numbers between December and February and Meteorologist, Ross MacDonald told My PG Now it was a tad bit colder than usual.

“We saw a minus temperature of 8.8 and that compares to a relatively normal temperature for those three months of minus 6.7 so we were hovering about two degrees below normal on average for those three months.”

However, if you just factor in February by itself, the average temperature for that month was -17.5 degrees, smashing the normal average of minus five, making it the coldest February on record.

On the flip side, it looks like spring has officially sprung in Prince George as the northern capital basked in double-digit temperatures, giving local residents the chance to break out the t-shirt and shorts.

The only question that remains is will this be a good indication of what the entire season will look like in the northern capital?

McDonald provided the answer.

“We are going to see temperatures to be a lit more seasonal, this time of year we see daytime highs of around seven degrees and looking forward to the rest of the spring, our seasonal outlook actually has us on the cooler side of things when we average March, April, and May.”

To this point, the month of March has resembled a teeter-totter based on the dramatic swings of weather we have experienced.

“March could still end up being a seasonal month. For the first ten days of March, we were significantly below normal because of this bitterly cold arctic air that we had seen all through February and then we flip the script this past week where we have seen near-record breaking temperatures on the positive side