Prince George City Council is looking into the possibility of selling off some properties that are costing the city money.

At Monday night’s council meeting, councilors voted unanimously to develop a list of at least 10 properties the city owns that could be sold off.

Councilor Kyle Sampson said although he has spoken to some non-profits who would be interested in purchasing their buildings those not able to do so should not worry.

“We just want to learn about the properties we have and the options we have moving forward, and this will help us decide how we can work with these groups.”

Sampson said properties for the list could be anything from occupied buildings to vacant land.

“Through reports, we have received it seems a lot of property that does cost us a lot of money so it’s an interest of mine to look into this and how we manage that in a better way.”

“I am not looking at this as a short term gain long term pain. This is about the long term costs of the property or long term benefits from new income whether it’s through development and taxation or whatever that may be.”

Councilor Brian Skakun said his goal would be to sell vacant land and not the one’s non-profits are in.

“There will be consultation, and I think in the end most of the non-profits will just stay where they are.”