The City of Prince George and the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George will be updating residents on its Community Wildfire Protection Plan on Wednesday.

The event will include a summary of the progress being made on the City’s Emergency Strategic Plan, a five-year strategy that aims to provide Prince George’s readiness for all emergencies

Supervisor of Energy, Environment, and Sustainability Josh Kelly spoke with MyPGNow.

“We’ve been doing a lot of work for the last year or so on our emergency preparedness particularly for this event we are focusing on the wildfires and what the city can do as well what our residents can do to reduce our risk and be more resilient.”

The city has certainly proven itself as a rallying point after taking in over 11,000 evacuees during the 2017 wildfire season.

“We’ve shown what we can do when it comes to being a northern regional evacuation hub and support centre, there are definitely a few things people can do in their own homes like having a 72-hour emergency preparedness kit is really important if anything happens.”

Kelly believes the meeting comes at a good time given the rash of wildfires that have ravaged the north over the past two years.

“It is certainly timely in the sense that it’s high on everybody’s mind and we’re taking these appropriate steps to make sure everybody is aware of things that they can do in the event they are prepared for an emergency.”

The open house is being held on the second floor of the Prince George Conference and Civic Centre from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

With files from Brendan Pawliw, MyPGNow