Eion Foley is a happy man.

With construction projects bringing in new tenants to Prince George’s downtown core, as well as new events being announced, the Downtown Prince George President says it will all add to the atmosphere their striving for.

“We’re super excited for the current apartment buildings being built, as well as announcements that have been made around student housing and a couple of other smaller projects in the works. It all just adds tot he people that are walking around downtown. It’s great for the general atmosphere of Downtown Prince George.”

Foley adds that they plan on continuing to work on projects they have already had in the works, particularly in terms of lighting for the downtown business community, as well as hosting events that will help in drawing the community to the city’s core.

Following the May 15th Annual General Meeting of the Prince George Downtown Business Improvement Association, the 2019-2020 Board of Executive has been announced.

Eoin Foley, prominent downtown business and property owner, has been re-elected as Downtown Prince George’s President. With him, Derek Dougherty has been elected as Vice President, and Robyn Holling (treasurer) and Valerie Eberherr (Secretary) have also been named to the Board Executive.

“I am, once again, proud to continue on as Downtown Prince George’s President, and look forward to working will a passionate and committed board,” said Foley.

During the board elections, three new board members joined the board. John Kason, Ashley Elliott, and Reverend Dr. Bob Fillier joined the returning directors that compile the 13 seats of the Downtown Prince George Board.