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If an effort to win back fans, the Prince George Cougars have announced that ticket prices will not increase for the 2019-20 season.

Perhaps more importantly, the Cougars will re-institute special prices for Seniors (65 +) and Youth (2-18).

Two years ago, the Cougars lost many of their loyal older fans when the team, after finishing first in the 2016-17 regular season, decided in what turned out to be a controversial decision to discard age pricing.

With an attendance dip, going from an average of 3,636 (in 16-17) to 3,024 (in 17-18) to 2,707
(in 18-19), and the team failing to make the playoffs the last two years, the Cougars made a wise decision to give a break to a couple of key age demographics.

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Seniors and Youth will save $155 off the price of a Red Zone season ticket, which runs $650 for an adult ($19.11 a game), and $55 off a Blue Zone season ticket, which goes for $550 ($16.17 adult price a game).

In other words, a fan 65 or older can sit in arguably the best seat in the house for $14.55 a game.

One might be curious how the Prince George season ticket compares with one for the Kamloops Blazers.

The answer is favourable.

The Blazers Premium seat is $657 ($18.25 a game) for all ages and then it trickles down from there.

Adult season tickets are $582 ($16.16 a game), Seniors go for $478 ($13.27 a game) and Youth for $403 ($11.19 a game).

One difference is Kamloops offers two playoff tickets in its package, for a total of 36 home games, while the P.G. pack is for the 34 regular season games.

The Cougars still have one price for the White Zone ($430 or $12.64 a game), Green Zone Glass Seats ($285 or $8.38 a game) and Purple Zone Glass Seats ($262 or $7.70 a game)).

“The biggest thing we’ve heard from our fans is that customers want choices,” VP of Business Andy Beesley told MyPGNow. “Previously, we had only offered set pricing for seniors or an adult, you pretty much had to take it or leave it.”

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Beesley is obviously hoping that the new pricing brings out new fans, in addition to bringing back some familiar faces that have been staying away from the games at CN Centre.

“We understand that people want choices with their tickets. Of course, season tickets are a centrepiece of any team. We would like to see an additional 1,000 season ticket members coming to our arena.”

The Cougars have not disclosed their season-ticket base from previous years, but with attendance, last season for some games just over 2,000, the amount of season-ticket holders would be well below that number.

If a fan doesn’t mind sitting in the first four rows behind the glass, purchasing a Purple Zone season ticket for under eight bucks a game seems like a bargain.

After all, the hot dog and pop can cost more than that.

Setting ticket prices, whether for a hockey game, a concert or a performing comedian comes down to what the market will bear.

The Cougars have heard loud and clear from their fans and casual viewers the reasonable price to feel comfortable in charging.

For the price to increase, the Cougars understand their performance on the ice will also have to increase.

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No matter the era, winning often sells.



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He also is the 94.3 radio colour commentator for P.G. Cougars home games.
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