Even though I am on the Prince George Cougars home broadcasts, I don’t have any extra insight about the team’s long-term viability in the City.

I am of the opinion though that the Cougars will continue to make CN Centre their home for a lengthy period of time.

Just for how long?

That is for interpretation.

Practically nothing is forever with death and taxes a definite exception.

Would I guarantee the Cougars are in Prince George 10 or 20 years down the road?

Of course not, but tell me what in your life is certain over the next decade?

The topic is timely because the Cougars and the City of Prince George held a news conference Thursday to announce they have renewed a rental agreement until July 31, 2024.

One could make the suggestion these type of deals are not necessarily ironclad, but I have no reason not to believe that the EDGEPRo Sports & Entertainment ownership group still intends to make the WHL work in P.G. over the long haul.

Sure the six owners have lost millions as a group and nobody, no matter how wealthy, wakes up in the morning saying I wonder how much cash I can lose today.

Part owners John Pateman and Eric Brewer, in Catscan interviews from last season, have publically stated there are no plans to move the team.

This message was again driven home by Cougars VP of Business Andy Beesley during the announcement.

“We’re all in. We are invested in our community, we’re happy to be here and we are going to be here for a long time to come,” stated Beesley.

Of course, a sceptic can suggest what is he or the owners supposed to say?

In 2017 when the Kootenay Ice were sold, fans in Cranbrook likely thought the team wasn’t going to move to Winnipeg just two years later.

Here’s the news release from the WHL at that time.

Maybe I am naïve but I don’t see much similarities in the Cranbrook situation to that in Prince George, other than low attendance has contributed financial concerns.

Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall admitted in an interview with MYPGNOW.com,  that announcing the extended partnership was an important step in trying to squash speculation.

“Exactly, that rumour was floating around in the community and I’m glad Andy and I today (Thursday) were able to speak on behalf of the City and the Cougars that they are here. We signed a six-year agreement, they are not going anywhere and I hope we have dispelled that rumour since its a strong partnership.”

I am not certain rumours will go away.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if someone wants to believe the Cougars will move in the near future that is their prerogative.

The Cougars have withstood some lean years during their 25-year stay in the City.

Although they have made some mistakes, the EDGEPRo owners gave the franchise a much-needed boost and stability when they bought the team five years ago.

I am taking Pateman, Brewer, Beesley and Hall at their word that the Cougars will remain part of Prince George for the foreseeable future.

For me, it is the end of discussion.



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