Prince George is getting caught up in Raptors fever as the NBA’s only Canadian team is one win away from its first title.

Many bars and restaurants are benefitting from the run including the Canadian Brewhouse where they were at capacity during last night’s 106-105 loss to the Golden State Warriors.

General Manager, JP Garcia-Silva-Perez told it’s been pretty hard to get a seat during the NBA Finals.

“We’ve had a full house every game, the atmosphere has been amazing, we’ve had people cheering with lights going on, horns going off and it’s been really good.”

He adds the only thing that has come close to matching the atmosphere is when a Canadian NHL team goes deep in the playoffs.

“When we just opened up, the Oilers were in the playoffs and it was pretty busy but it was also because we had just opened up but this is the first time we’ve seen such a big turnout and a rabid fan base for a team that is pretty awesome.”

“I think the interest is all across Canada because we finally have a Canadian team in the finals and so close to getting a cup. I think all sorts of fans, whether its hockey, baseball, football or basketball fans, we are all here for the Toronto Raptors to win.”

Longtime Toronto Raptors fan Riley Ouellet is one of many from Prince George who has been at the Canadian Brewhouse watching the games (Brendan Pawliw, staff)

Raptors Fan Riley Ouellet is one of many supporters who has attended the games at the Brewhouse and loves the atmosphere.

“I talked to one of the bartenders and asked him if he wanted me to quiet down and he said not be louder we love that so it’s a good place to be if you like the Raptors.”

Ouellet is a long-suffering Raptors fan who watched some pretty lean years before this and that this opportunity to win it all is a long time coming.

“I am 22 years old now and I remember when they had nothing during the Chris Bosh and Vince Carter days, probably when I was 10 years old is when I became a Raptors fan.”

“They were garbage back then and never made the playoffs, that wasn’t even a thing and now they have made the playoffs in seven or eight straight years.”

Game six is slated for Thursday in Oakland and you can bet another raucous crowd at the Brewhouse is a guarantee.