Thrifty Friends Boutique in Prince George is starving for artists.  

The store has a vacant wall at their location on 5th Avenue, which they’d like to become a part of Prince George’s mural history and need contributors. 

Thrifty’s was calling out for artists last December, but haven’t had a lot of response from the public. One of the artists who did, however, said he’s all in the for the project. 

Known as ‘The Grinch’ of Grinch Airbrush, he’s been involved in many projects around the city, including the Prince George Airport mural for the Winter Games and the PG Seniors Centre mural and is hoping to help other artists learn to paint and beautify the city.    

“Thrifty’s is bit discouraged because they aren’t getting a lot of feedback, except for me. So I decided I could direct it for them and try to bring more artists on.” 

According to him, the boutique has received a grant from the city, and they’re looking for more. Ideally, he said he like to be paying the artists that come on board.

“Young artists are welcome to join and learn to paint huge, because they may only know how to paint small things. I’m going to bring a projector and help teach them how to do that.” 

The Grinch is donating both time and paint to the project and is expecting to start the piece by August.

Any artist or want-to-be-artist can volunteer by contacting Thrifty’s directly at 250-564-5883 or calling the Grinch at 250-552-4719.