After Roberta Squire announced that she would be stepping down from her role with the United Way of Northern BC, the organization was in need of a new Executive Director.

This week, they announced that Trista Spencer will be appointed as the Interim Executive Director of the organization.

“We are confident that Trista will lead the United Way of Northern BC with passion and professionalism through this transition,” said Sotirios Korogonas, United Way of Northern BC’s Board Chair. “On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank Roberta Squire for her leadership of the organization over the past two years.”

Squire is taking on the role of General Manager of Northern BC with Telus Communications.

Spencer was the Operation Managers for the United Way prior to the announcement.

“I am incredibly proud to take on this leadership role within the United Way, and would like to thank the Board of Directors who have entrusted me with such an important role,” said Spencer. “There is so much possibility in this community, and I am excited to be at the held of an organization that can incite social change through collaborative community partnerships.”

Effective August 1, she will lead the United Way’s efforts to understand and address top priorities in the community.