Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall credits RCMP with a drop in crime rate.

The City dropped from 11th to the 17th in terms of its crime rate when comparing 2017 to 2018 in addition to the violent crime severity index also dropped by 14.5 per cent.

“The work they do and the plan they put in place to fight various levels of crime whether it is petty theft or crime it’s helping the city,” said Hall.

Hall said the City looks at what other policing agencies are doing and then seeing what can be incorporated for Prince George.

“Given some of the issues we are facing downtown we look at Kelowna or Penticton and see what they are doing and if it’s working there see if it can work here.”

In 2011 Prince George was ranked the worst city in Canada in terms of its crime rate so Hall said 17th is great news.

“I give the RCMP a tremendous amount of credit for being very innovative and putting together a strong plan to battle those vigorous levels of crime we are seeing in the city.”