The recent curtailments to numerous sawmills in Northern BC are on the minds of a lot of people lately, and none more so than Prince George Mayor Lyn Hall.

Earlier this week, the forestry sector sustained another blow when the Sinclar Forest Products Group announced a two-week curtailment starting August 19th in Prince George, Fort Saint James, and Vanderhoof.

Hall told when the nearby communities are suffering, it does have a negative impact on the city’s economy.

“We’ve taken a regional approach when it comes to taking a look at our economy and we depend on our smaller communities in our region from an economic perspective, so not only does it impact Vanderhoof and Fort Saint James it has an impact on our economy here in Prince George.”

“Despite the fact Prince George has a diversified economy, it still has an impact and I am still concerned about the fact that there are curtailments, the fact that we’re seeing people who are employed at various mills that are going to be impacted and that’s going to hurt their families and I don’t like to see that.”

Hall adds when one small resource community is hurting the ones nearby usually feel the pinch.

“From a regional perspective, all of us depend on each other so when one community is impacted and then you see that multiplier effect take place it will definitely impact us.”

“What’s happening is that when you take a look at the mills that are operational and if they have a curtailment or they are closed, that impacts the pulp side and it’s that trickle-down domino effect.”

Last month, Conifex announced their operations in Fort Saint James would be closing leaving 226 people out of work, Mackenzie is also in the same boat losing its Canfor facility along with a temporary curtailment at its Conifex operations.