More students are getting the chance to participate in the local Prince George youth choir.

The Tapestry Singers has announced starting next year the group will not be part of SD57, allowing all Prince George students to try out.

Carolyn Duerksen, Founder and Artistic Director, said there has always been interest from students not part of SD57.

“After 12 really successful years under the umbrella of SD57 Tapestry Singers felt they had the ability to move into the community and open it up to all students.”

The group welcomes all students to come to try out from grade 7 to 12.

“If you love to sing and want to find out more, come to one of our everyone is welcome rehearsals, it’s a chance to come without any commitment or any money to see what a rehearsal is like,” said Duerksen.

Anyone interested in learning more can visit the group’s website.