Prince George had an unemployment rate of 4.3% for July 2019, which is little change compared to 4.1% at the same time last year.  

That translates to about 2300 people who were unemployed in the Northern Capital, a slight uptick from 2100 last year. 

Vincent Ferrao, an analyst with Statistics Canada said Prince George has been pretty steady in the employment department for the last year.

“In terms of how many people are working, we have 51,700 people working this July. This compares with 51, 000 last July, so it’s not a statistically significant change.”    

However, the rate of unemployment has been steadily decreasing over the past 3 years at least.

“Last July the rate was similar, but in July 2017 it was 5.8% and going back even further it was 7.7% in July 2016 and 7.8% in July 2015. The rate has been going down if we look at it year over year,” said Ferrao.

Meanwhile, British Columbia continues to hold strong with a 3.8% increase in employment from last year, putting 93,500 more workers into the market and holding the title for the strongest growth rate in the country.