Provincial liquor stores across BC are making the move to paper bags. 

Kate Bilney, Senior Communications Officer for the BC Liquor Distribution Branch said they are in the process of finding a company to supply them with recyclable bags to replace the plastic ones they currently use. 

“The timeline really depends on the procurement process and when we can enter into a contract with a vendor who can meet our requirements, so we don’t have a timeline set in stone at this time, but we are certainly working towards the rollout.” 

Bilney said they are hoping to eradicate plastic bags in their stores sometimes in the fall of this year. 

“Victoria, Tofino, and Ucluelet have already switched over from plastic to paper and the response has been very positive, so if we follow the same process we did for those stores we think we’ll have quite a positive rollout,” said Bilney.  

“Customers are very receptive to it, I think customers are very conscious of the environmental impacts that plastic has. So far it has been very well received.”