Despite an increase in international Medical Service Plan premiums by the provincial government, the College of New Caledonia in Prince George doesn’t think they’ll see a change in their international enrollment.

With MSP premiums being eliminated for BC residents come January 1, 2020, international students from kindergarten through post-secondary will be seeing an increase to their monthly MSP coverage.

Currently, students are needing to pay $37.50 a month. However, come the new year, that premium will double to $75 each month.

Dr. Chad Thompson, Vice President of Academics at CNC, told MyPGNow that despite the increase in international rates, he doesn’t think there will be a change in drawing international students to BC.

“My understanding is that most other provinces already have more restrictive forms of coverage for international students, so BC will remain highly competitive for international students to continue to come to the province. Of course, there will be no difference between CNC and other institutions throughout the province.”

Thompson added that newly-arrived international students are not covered by MSP initially. They are actually on separate insurance until they are eligible to then go onto MSP.

The change in premiums will impact international students who have already been studying at a post-secondary institution, therefore having been in the province long enough to become eligible for MSP coverage.