An algae that have been spotted in Northern BC lakes are hazardous to the health of both people and animals.

“Blue-green algae, (also known as Cyanobacteria), are bacteria that grow in shallow, slow moving or still water. This includes freshwater lakes, ponds or wetlands. Blue-green algae can range in colour from olive-green to red,” according to HealthLinkBC.

Northern Health issued a warning about the algae earlier today (Monday):

Symptoms from drinking water that contain blue-green algae can include: headaches, nausea, fever, sore throat, dizziness, stomach cramps, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, muscle aches, mouth ulcers, and blistering of the lips. Symptoms from swimming and other recreational water activities in contaminated water can include skin rashes and irritated ears and eyes.

If you have been exposed to blue-green algae toxins and have any of these symptoms, rinse off your body and see your health care provider right away.