A local man is riding from Prince George to Jasper to raise money and to inspire those with epilepsy.  

Four years ago, PG’s Chris Winwood was diagnosed with epilepsy, and at the time, he thought it was the end of his career. 

“I graduated from UNBC with a degree in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, and all my training my entire life has been dedicated to the backcountry, and the outdoors. To be hit at 21 with epilepsy, it definitely felt like my career had been taken away from me,” Winwood told MyPGNow

He’s riding on August 24th and covering the trek in just two days. His inspiration is to show people that epilepsy doesn’t have to change your life. 

“I want to be a voice for the people like me, diagnosed late in life, to say hey, you can still live, epilepsy doesn’t take that away from you. You can still do these things. None of this stuff is out of reach as long as you are smart and capable of handling the situation and have good people around you, there is nothing you can’t achieve.”     

He’s raising money to go towards the British Columbia Epilepsy Society, which you can donate to through his GoFundMe here.