It was a resounding yes in the Council chambers this evening.  

Canada’s Artistic Swimming Olympic Team is accepting proposals from all Canadian clubs to host training in preparation for the 2020 Olympics and Prince George is in the running.

Nicole Barager, President and Head Coach of the Prince George Water Lilies Synchronized Swimming Club presented to City Council to secure funding to host the training sessions, which would cost the city just under $1900.00 should we win the bid. 

“The fact that the Mayor and Council were willing to support a local sport, it means a lot to have that for a relatively new team, we’re only six years old,” said Barager. “It’s a huge motivation.” 

The host club would be required to provide pool space, gymnasium, weight room, ground transportation, accommodation, and meals. The PGWL asked the City to help pay for the pool rental fee for the training camp and the PGWL will pay for anything outstanding that is not covered via sponsorships or services in lieu.

$1873.67 wasn’t too much to take from the city contingency purse, which according to City Manager Katherine Soltis, still has about $50,000.00 for 2019.