New Builders Code training was announced in Prince George today (Tuesday) at the Northern Regional Construction Association.

Human resources expert Diane Bourret is the new Employer Advisor for the training, which is designed for site supervisors, forepersons and union business managers on how best to deal with the perpetrators and targets of worksite bullying and harassment. 

“It’s addressing the shortages in the skilled trade workforce in the construction industry going forward and how they are going to attract and retain qualified, skilled workers,” said Bourret.

“What this training really focuses on is what is acceptable workplace behaviour and what is not, and how construction companies in the north can change their culture to attract and retain workers. There are different pledges and marketing plans.” 

The training workshops were developed by experienced training providers in partnership with project partners including BCCA, the Industry Training Authority (ITA), WorkSafeBC, and the Minerva Foundation of BC, and are free during the pilot phase of the Builders Code.

Registration for the workshops will be available through the NRCA.