UNBC and two of its unions will be opening up discussions again after the contract with the Faculty Association expired.  

“I thought we were getting some good traction in terms of where we ended up at the end of June, so we’re looking forward to getting back to the table,” said Barb Daigle Interim Vice President Finance, People and Risk. 

She said they’re committed to getting into collective agreements as soon as possible. 

“The number one challenge for both parties is that our faculty compensation has seriously fallen behind our Canadian competitors so we need to make as much progress as possible to address some of those faculty salaries within the limitations that are on us around collective agreement mandate,” said Daigle.  

In comparison to research universities that are similar in size, scope, and aspirational goals, Daigle said UNBC isn’t paying very well.  

“It doesn’t matter how you look at the data, we are at the bottom. It doesn’t help us recruit, it doesn’t help us retain the kind of talent we need. UNBC is a world-class university and we need to make sure that we have competitive salaries, particularly for our faculty.” 

So far, Daigle said she’s pleased with the progress of the discussion and thinks both parties are doing as much as they can to resolve the problem.