Smoke and flames may be visible from south of Prince George starting early in September.

The BC Wildfire Service plans to burn accumulated woody debris as part of ongoing fuel management treatments to reduce wildfire risks in the area.

This project will cover about 3.8 hectares southeast of Prince George, north of Frenkel Road and south of Highway 16.

The debris burning is scheduled to start next Tuesday on September 3rd and will continue periodically until Friday, Nov. 1, though the exact timing will depend on site and weather conditions.

According to the service smoke and flames may be seen from Highway 16, Blackwater Road and Frenkel Road.

They’re hoping to reduce accumulations of ground fuels that would be available to burn in a wildfire, mitigate the risk of fires in interface areas (where urban development borders on forested areas), and break up continuous forest fuels within 200 metres of residential properties.

The debris piles will be lit only if conditions are suitable and allow for quick smoke dissipation.