Mother Nature might be giving us a quick preview into what fall might be like in Prince George.

Showers are expected to dominate the forecast between now and Sunday.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Gregg Walters spoke with on whether or not it will be seasonal in the northern capital this weekend.

“We’re going to be slightly below that, we’re looking at high of about 14 degrees for today with overnight lows of around nine so the late evening hours should be a little warmer because of the cloud cover but we’re still only looking at highs of 14 and 12 for both Saturday and Sunday.”

“Right now, we have a pretty strong trough of low pressure over the Gulf of Alaska and that’s only going to send a series of systems in BC over the next few days as we are looking at increasing cloud.”

Walters expects conditions to dry up by Monday.

“Indications are we should see a drying trend at the start of the week. It looks like a weak ridge is coming in for Monday and we are looking at dry conditions.”

Overnight lows are expected to fall between plus five and plus nine.