The City of Prince George hosted a public engagement session on how to assess the future needs of childcare over the next decade.

Supervisor of Community Well Being and Partnerships Sarah Brown told there was another theme that was talked about at length between parents and caregivers.

“The focus was really around the lack of childcare providers, it’s not really anything new that there is a shortage of spaces in the community, this was a kind of a consistent theme that the level of staff is low.”

“It was really helpful for the parents to provide their thoughts and feedback on what the childcare needs are in the community. In addition, there were some childcare providers there and one of the engagement sessions we’re going to have moving forward is a focus group for providers.”

Brown adds recruitment and retention of quality childcare providers remains a challenge.

From there, the city is going to take that information and look at the specific needs in the community with an action plan for the next ten years.

A survey is also available until Sunday and a link to that can be found here.