According to the City of Prince George, the main pool and the dive tank at the Four Seasons Leisure Pool will be closed until further notice.

It’s due to emergency repairs to a glass-covered light fixture under the surface of the water.

Aquatics Manager Jim Worthington explained how long the shut down will last.

“It’s a timeline of about two weeks but it may be slightly less than that. We have to drain the water and that’s a slower kind of process and we have to put in scaffolding so the repair work can occur.”

Worthington further stated to on the value of getting this done immediately.

“If the light fixture becomes unstable and the glass breaks, the main pool water will drain out into the mechanical room basement and we need to ensure this is replaced immediately.”

“Those light covers are from 1970 and they don’t have replacements right from the shelf so we have to find a different form of repair than just replacing it.”

During this time, most swimming lessons for children will be run at the leisure poolside and in the teaching pool while public swimming will not occur when lessons are scheduled.

Fitness classes are cancelled except for “Range of Motion”, which will occur Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10 am.