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SPCA over the moon with Blackwater Boxer recovery

It wasn’t too long ago that the North District SPCA brought in Luna following what could only be imagined as a traumatic series of events for the Blackwater Boxer.

Fast forward to now, Luna has tacked on pounds after originally weighing 20.9 kilograms when she initially was weighed at the North Cariboo District SPCA. Today, she’s weighing in at 28 kilos exactly.

While her tongue may forever be drooping out of the side of her mouth, Luna is as curious as any healthy and energetic dog could be.

Luna was seen wandering around on Blackwater Road for about ten days in September before the SPCA was able to trap her with the help of residents in the area. It was clear she had a serious injury to the face, originally thought to be a missing jaw, by people who had seen her. It was then determined that half of her jaw was missing due to a gunshot wound.

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SPCA Manager Alex Schare said when they reached out for help, the community raised over $25,000, ultimately leading to the cost of all of her surgical and rehab expenses being covered.

“Luna is still in the phase where she’s recovering,” Share told MyPGNow. “She’s doing very well. She’s had her muzzle taken off, she’s gaining weight, she’s well on her way to recovery. We hope that she’ll be on her way to find her forever home very soon.”

Her story and her progression through rehabilitation is nothing short of a miracle, especially considering the state in which she was in when the SPCA was finally able to trap her and bring her in to receive care.

“It is surprising to see how resilient she is and how well she is battling back. She is getting a lot of specialized attention and food to put on some calories and pounds. It’s wonderful to see her respond this well. She is such an outgoing friendly dog, and considering what she’s gone through that is absolutely amazing to see how loving and trusting she is with everything she’s gone through.”

To repair her mouth, the remaining bit of her left jaw was removed due to just how rotted and infected it was. Share said that they essentially then folded up the lip and side of her cheek to give her something that would functionally be a mouth.

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