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Top Dog: Dashin’ and ruffin’

With tubes, ramps, and jumps set up inside the Agriplex near the CN Centre, this weekend has some of the region’s most agile dogs on display.

This weekend, the Top Dog Agility Association is putting on their Winter Breakout Trial, a test of dog’s agility and obedience.

This year’s event is in honour of Biscuit, who is 16 years old and is in her retirement agility trial.

Marc Bernat, Top Dog Agility President, told MyPGNow that events like this don’t call for a particular breed of dog.

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“Any breed and size of dog can do this,” said Bernat. “Many people who train their dogs to do this will start when their puppy is eight weeks old and will go through and do the training for at least a year. A dog has to be 18 months old in order to compete and will get a registration number with the Agility Association of Canada.”

The event has a range of levels, starting at beginners all the way up to masters.

The Top Dog Agility Association has eight trials a year in town according to Bernat. A lot of their members will then also go down to the B.C. competition down in the lower mainland or on the island, which brings a higher level of competition. Doing well at the provincial level can open up opportunities at the national event.

The sport of agility brings with it a lengthy career for dogs.

“My border collie, he did agility competing for 12 years. He was 14 before I retired him,” said Bernat.

For those who might be interested in getting into dog agility, Bernat suggests that you start your dog young.

“In reality though, you can start a dog off at any age. You just need a certain level of obedience. Really, all you need is a good ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and then some basic control on a leash. From there, that’s your foundation for all the agility training.”

The event runs through until 5 p.m. today (Saturday) and again tomorrow from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

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Interested in taking in some of the event?

All that’s asked if that you contribute a small donation to the Soft Paws Cat Rescue Society.

Soft Paws is focused on trapping feral and stray cats in order to provide them with urgent medical attention, spaying/neutering, rehabilitation, as well as adoption opportunities.

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