School District 57 held their inaugural meeting for the 2019-2020 school year on Wednesday.

With it, Tim Bennett was re-elected as Chairperson for the school board. It will mark his fourth year now in the position.

Bennett confirmed to MyPGNow that trustee Trent Derrick will serve as Vice-Chair after being elected during the meeting.

With a busy school year ahead, Bennett did admit that there are a few issues at the forefront that the board will be wanting to address.

“The issues at the forefront are how do we address the catchment and capacity issues that we’re having throughout the district, how can we continue to support our staff with the rollout of the new curriculum, and then how do we prepare and ensure the district is ready with the new funding formula.”

He added that the highly-anticipated opening of the new Kelly Road Secondary School will be a highlight of the school year ahead.