Prince George’s jobless rate grew by well over a point when comparing last month to October of 2018.

The latest unemployment figure for the northern capital is 5.9% after sitting at 4.8% just 12 months earlier.

Stats Canada Labour Division Analyst, Vince Ferrao told MyPGNow the increase comes even with more people working.

“We have 49,100 working in October and this compares with 47,500 people working in October of 2018, it’s up slightly by 1600.”

In BC, the unemployment rate is the lowest in Canada at 4.7%, it was over five percent just twelve months earlier.

“Over the 12 months, we have 50-thousand more people working in BC, that’s an increase of about two per cent for this 12-month period.”

In Canada, the unemployment rate remained flat at 5.5%.

Here is the breakdown of all the provinces:

  • British Columbia 4.7%
  • Quebec 5.0%
  • Saskatchewan 5.1%
  • Manitoba 5.3%
  • Ontario 5.3%
  • Alberta 6.7%
  • Nova Scotia 8.0%
  • New Brunswick 8.1%
  • Prince Edward Island 8.4%
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 11.1%