The Remembrance Day long weekend should be mild according to Environment Canada.

A predicted high of seven degrees is anticipated for today with rain in the forecast.

Meteorologist, Doug Lundquist expects the temperatures to cool down Saturday and Sunday before ramping back up again on the Holiday Monday.

“We’re expecting the arctic front to come through sometime during the day on Saturday and then getting colder with sunny skies and a high of minus three on Sunday but then already trying to warm back up for Remembrance Day.”

He adds in most cases, a warm-up this time of year usually leads to a skiff of the white stuff.

“Usually when we get a warm-up that means snow. I think what that will mean for Remembrance Day itself is that it could be a snowy event and then we’ll be back to warmer conditions on Tuesday with a high of plus six so it’s really a back and forth weather pattern.”

For those travelling down Highway 97 and the Pine Pass can expect worsening conditions as a winter storm warning is in place that could bring 30 to 40 cm of snow.

“If you’re planning a trip to the Pine Pass into the Peace, I would really be much more prepared for inclement conditions, even in the Prince George area, at least you are getting some breaks with the milder weather.”