The Girlfriends’ Brow Bar on Victoria Street hosted a charity event today (Sunday) in support of Guru Nanaks free food langar (community kitchen).

A total of $1773 were raised to help out the Salvation Army Food Bank, beating last year’s amount of $1300.

“The community has supported this small business, and you can’t do anything without your community. Giving back is a big thing,” explained Aneet Brar, owner of Girlfriends’.

Aneet and her husband, Robin, both encouraged anyone facing food insecurity to visit Guru Nanak’s Langar, stating: “Anybody is welcome in his kitchen. You don’t need to be a certain religion, you just need to not be hungry anymore,”.

The couple expressed gratitude for the welcoming attitude of Prince George residents, commenting “it’s home,”.

When asked about downtown PG’s social issues, the Brars explained they strongly believe in charity work within their community.

“The more we pay attention to downtown issues, the more we can make things better. Things won’t get better if we just ignore it,”.