2019 is another banner year when it comes to building permits in Prince George.

The value as of the end of November is 217-million dollars, surpassing last year’s record mark of 186 million dollars.

Mayor Lyn Hall recently spoke about the encouraging numbers to MyPGNow.com.

“It’s a record, what more can I say. The biggest part of this thing though is the roughly 85% of that investment is from the private sector and I know I say this all the time but the private sector investments show the confidence in what we are doing.”

Simply put, this further proves that Prince George is open for business.

“I think it says a lot about the confidence because we had a message a few years ago to get out and I know it’s an overused term but we’re open for business as we want to attract all sorts of investment into our community and we’ve seen that happen so some of the work that we have done and a lot of the work the economic development team has done is proving out.”

The update was provided to council during Monday’s meeting.