The Prince George Cougars needed an attendance boost and they will get it.

All the seats have been spoken for as a sellout has been assured for the Cougars home game on February 17th against the Red Deer Rebels.

The Cougars are averaging 2,302 fans this season to CN Centre but that number will more than double on Family Day thanks to a partnership with CN.

In a unique promotion to celebrate CN’s 100th Anniversary, CN bought every seat for that game and made the tickets free to the public.

Not surprisingly. they were all gobbled up quickly on Wednesday.

Now if the Cougars could only find 33 more sponsors that would be willing to hand out free tickets for each of their other home games each season, attendance would never be a concern again.

Of course, that is unrealistic.

“To the best of my knowledge, there has never been a WHL game that was free for the public,” said Andy Beesley, Cougars’ Vice President, Business.

Give the Cougars marketing staff credit for trying to come up with creative ways to draw fans in a market where they are waiting for a winner.

The Cougars have hosted successful Mega 50-50 mega Jackpot nights and will be the first team to have a wedding at centre ice between periods on Saturday, Jan 25th against Kamloops.

It will also mark the first time a wedding ceremony will be held at a Canadian Hockey League game.

From a fan perspective, no promotion is better than a free game at the WHL/CHL level.

The Cougars are hoping that the new fans that will be exposed to their product will be willing down the road to pay for a game or two pr better yet a season-ticket.

When one goes to Costco, there are many sample foods that their customers are eager to try.

If a consumer enjoys the taste test, chances of them buying that product go up considerably.

This isn’t much different.

If the Family Day game is enjoyable, then the chances increase significantly that fans will return with a paid ticket.

Business owners understand it can be difficult to get the public into their door but once they do it is up to them to do everything possible to keep them coming back.

Hockey is a bit different in that everyone wants to cheer for a winner and it will likely take at least a couple of years for the Cougars to become a winning team.

At least for one day, on Feb. 17th, everybody wins.

The Cougars do because they will have a full house.

CN does because they are giving back to the community and will receive wide exposure the free game brings them in celebrating 100 years.

The players are winners because, with a sold-out facility, they will have a true home-ice advantage.

Last but not least, the fan is the big winner for not having to pay to watch Major Junior.

Should the Cougars win that game against the Rebels, then everybody goes home happy and then it becomes a waiting game to see how many fans will be back.

The long-term success of the franchise is tied to revenue, which still mostly comes from ticket sales.


This is season two of Hartley’s Cat Scan, a weekly podcast show that primarily features the Prince George Cougars.

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